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Short Cuts!

Runtime doesn't decide the brilliance and depth of the movie. Story does. A story so brilliant that it doesn't need hours to be fleshed out. Just some minutes would work like a charm!

- by Amit Makhija

Here are some of the best short movies that possibly bring out emotions in so many ways than most full length movies.


Skin by Guy Nattiv

In a small supermarket, a black man smiles at a white boy across the checkout aisle. This innocuous moment forces racial tensions to the breaking point and sends two gangs into a ruthless war.


Two by Satyajit Ray

The short film shows an encounter between a child of a rich family and a street child, through the rich kid's window. The film is made without any dialogue and displays attempts of One-upmanship between kids in their successive display of their toys. The film portrays the childlike rivalry with the help of the world of noise and that of music.


Gadhedo by Jai Sharma

Gadhedo is a satire that tells us about human nature and how education and knowledge are not quite the same thing. The story takes place in Jhalamand, a small village in Rajasthan.

Gadhedo | Vikrant Massey | Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films


The Silent Child by Chris Overton

Busy parents Sue and Paul decide to get help from social worker, Joanne, to prepare their youngest daughter Libby, who is deaf, for the big step of going to school for the first time. Joanne and Libby bond almost immediately, with Joanne beginning to teach a responsive Libby British Sign Language.

The Silent Child — Oscar® Winning Short Film


The Neighbour's Window by Marshall Curry

Ali and Jacob are a couple of 30-somethings living in New York City with their three young children. Their life takes an unprecedented turn when two younger people move in across the street.

The Neighbors' Window - Oscar Winning Short Film


Chutney by Jyoti Kapur Das

How far will a woman go to save her crumbling marriage. In this look at the seemingly moral world of the Indian middle class, she weaves a tale like no other that transforms her from a victim to something completely different.

Chutney | Tisca Chopra | Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films


Little Terrorist by Ashvin Kumar

The movie revolves around Jamal, a 10-year-old Pakistani Muslim boy. While playing cricket near the Indo Pakistani border, the cricket ball is tossed over to the Indian side of the border separated by a fence. Little Terrorist is a 2004 Indian short film directed, written and produced by Ashvin Kumar. It’s the only Indian film to be nominated for Academy Awards in the category "Best live action short film"

Little Terrorist | India's only Oscar® nominated short film | Director Ashvin Kumar


Brotherhood Meryam Joobeur

Mohamed, a father of two, lives in Tunisia with his wife and two sons. When his older son Malik comes home after a prolonged journey with a mysterious lady, Mohamed becomes suspicious.


Fauve by Jeremy Comte

Two young boys in an open-pit mine engage in a seemingly innocent but unhealthy power game which soon spirals out of their control.

FAUVE on Vimeo


Curfew by Shawn Christensen

Richie experiences a downcast phase in his personal and professional lives. Things become interesting when his estranged sister requests him to look after his niece, Sophia, for some time.

Curfew by Shawn Christensen | Short Film


The School Bag by Dheeraj Jindal, Anshul Agrawal

A mother goes all out to fulfill an innocent wish of her child for a new school bag for his birthday.

The School Bag | Rasika Dugal | Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films

Start Binging!!


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