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Clicking Feathers: Secrets of Bird Photography

by Nabeel Akhtar

Being a sub-class of Wildlife Photography, Bird Photography makes its own personality in this field. Bird watching is famous among the majority of individuals on the planet. Individuals decide to go for Bird-Watching during the end of the week, Holidays, Short excursions and so on Bird Watching ends up being an alleviating experience for the brain. The very first thing comes in our mind while thinking of bird photography is beautiful birds.

Comprehend Your Subject-

You should know how cooperative will be the subject. Some birds like to cooperate and they may let you come closer to them but some are not cooperative and they hesitate when we go close to them they feel unsafe and fly away leaving you with zero clicks.

As in this photo the owl was not cooperative and as soon as I clicked the picture it went back to the hole, they are very shy creatures so we should know our subject, to get a good click.

Always keep on changing exposure according to the background-

Light conditions change consistently. It might be a steady shift as the sun gets across the sky, or an unexpected change. Sometimes mist then again dark and uncover the sun's beams. Consider the adjustment of openness that may be required if your subject moves from a light foundation to a dim foundation, particularly when shooting in Aperture Priority Mode.

Foresee the next move-

While doing bird photography you should know few things while observing the bird, like to for-see what will the bird do next. Keep on checking the next move and keep predicting it. To get a perfect click.

Approach Your Subject with Patience-

Approach the bird with patience, even with a very slightest move the bird might fly away. Most birds appear to have a circle of solace .We do get anxious to click a photograph before the bird would probably take off but we have to need to relax for a few seconds and check the bird, shutter speed, background etc. and keep patience.

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.” – Robert Lynd

Set the shutter speed-

It's deplorable when hazy wings or heads deface an amazing photo. To avoid this, realize which shade speed you need to catch various practices in fresh detail. Which speed freezes which species in flight? Which is required for birds that are strolling or stopping? As you expect what conduct is going to unfurl, you can be certain that your camera is set to take shots at a sufficiently high speed to catch the ideal conduct, tack-sharp.

Birds photography is a tough task, photographer should engage himself with all of his rampancy. Many people try to attack them to click pictures, but birds get scared and fly away we should always take gentle approach towards them. Birds draw in us like there's no tomorrow. They cause us to disregard our general surroundings. However, you need to get over this. You need to see past the bird. You need to give close consideration to everything in the casing – the bird, the foundation, the position, the light, openness, and so on

It's not difficult to be a bird photographer. Not that simple to be a decent bird photographer.


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