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Satyam Gandhi, an aspiring photographer struggles to convince his parents about his love for photography as he himself lacks confidence in his talent because of the limited resources. This film shows how he goes through emotional frustration and anger but somehow manages to gain the confidence while waiting at a bus stop and makes it big!

Thank Kyun?

Xposure got third position in 48 hours short film making competition for the film "Thank Kyun" conducted by First Cut - The Film Making Society of Ramanujan College. The theme given was "The Last Leaf" and entire film was to be made within 48 hours.

Shit Dyal Singh College Say!

Xposure comes with yet another Award Winning Film at India's Biggest Film Making Competition organised by Artist At Work Productions - AAW with Loud Shout. Xposure stood first amongst the 300+ entries from different parts of the Nation, & were awarded by Director/Producer Mahesh Bhatt.

Attending classes, hanging out at food joints & selfies, is this only a college life? No, at least Dyal Singh College has much more shit! Filmed For Sh!t My College Say!


1st prize awarded.

Rendezvous'18 B-Roll

On The Spot B-Roll challenge at Rendezvous'18 IIT Delhi.

Kya Hua?

Kya Hua is short film that revolves around two most concerning matters of the Indian society, yet to be completely solved. Directed and produced by the film and photography society of Dyal Singh College, showcases a family falling victim to these problems and the inter relation between the problems in a cinematic form.

Love at First Right

Love at First Right, an award-winning Short Film of 2018 directed by Ayush Shukla. Nipun, a college student who is tormented by the whole college due to his sexual orientation meets Rahul. But things take an unexpected turn when Nipun learns that Rahul has come out, opening the door for a potential romance. Watch the film to find out “Whether the Society allowed them to stay together?”

Feeders Of Delhi

A statistical documentary that revolves around an unfamiliar part of Delhi where agriculture takes place. It shows the miserable lives of the farmers and the massive problems that they face throughout their practice.
The documentary also shows the scientific methods and alternatives to deal with some of the problems but most farmers are still unknown of these methods
There is a message to all the viewers in the video that will not only help us but also the despondent farmers.

I'm not a Photographer, I'm a Photographer!

A son reciting his father's passion towards photography and changing perspectives with his talent. It took two generations to tell the world that photography isn't merely clicking a button, but was so much more than seizing the moment. How does a child's dream from lousy streets come to life to bring the change?

Some Genuine Mistakes

"Because it can't be all men"
Protagonist being in a bus collides with a girl and gets warning not to repeat it. That girl drops her pencil box in the bus which comes into protagonist’s possession. Protagonist desperately follows that girl to return it back to her. That girl presumes the guy having bad intentions and prepares herself to stab the protagonist. Watch the movie to find out what happens next!

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